Hello Again My Friends

Hey there! How are all of you? I am so sorry to be away so long, many things have happened here. I owe apologizes for missed Gotcha Days, but let's talk about the sad bit first.

As many of you probably know, we lost our Bella Bunny Girl in May.  I still can't write the words without crying. It was all very sudden, I took her in for a tooth trim and the vet gave her fluids to carry her through the night. What we didn't know was she had heart problems and her little body couldn't absorb the fluids. She fought a good fight, and fought it very hard, but we had to say goodbye. We miss her terribly. Her absence has left a huge hole in our hearts and home.

Yesterday I learned that the picture of Bella I submitted to Bunspace will appear in their calendar next year! Woo hoo! She will join the esteemed ranks of Mr. Mick along with many other prestigious bunnies that will grace many people's home next year. I'm so proud of my little girl and happy her memory will live on through the years.

The loss of our sweetheart Bella now leaves our Ferdy alone for the first time in his life. He was part of our trio: Bunko, Bella and Ferd. I think he is now ready to find the next chapter in his life. We will once again try to bond him with Graysie, they seem a bit more relaxed around one another through the gate. Stay tuned for the new "Bunny Bachelor" series coming up.

Now on to some very important and guiltily skipped bunny gotcha days...

 My Seal and Otter's Gotcha Day was April 23rd
Happy 8th my Terrible Two!

Beautiful Coca-Cocomo was April 24th
  We've come a long way baby, Happy 10th Gotcha Day

Dot and Cooper was May 30th
Time flies with such cute bunny antics going on. I still can't believe it's been 2 whole years.
Happy 2nd Gotcha Day my Super Dooper Duo

And finally, but never least...
Ferdy Birdy was June 12th
Happy 5th Gotcha Day my bounder boy

Many, many, many treats and gifts and apologies and anything else I can think have been given to the buns. I know it doesn't make up for my bunny mom incompetence but I will keep trying :)

I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You all for your friendship and support through the last few weeks. It has meant so much to me. I know you understand the pain and the happiness that comes with being owned by bunnies. Hugs from me to you and nose rubs to your fur babies.

Stay tuned for more jewelry giveaways. I will start back up in July. Don't know what it will be yet, but I know it will be good - haha!!


Jade said…
*shriek of glee, happy bunny dance*

YAY for Bella being in the calendar with Mick! This is going to be the BEST Bunspace calendar yet!

Happy Bunniversary to each and every bun in the Lavender Rabbit warren! We hope there were treats galore on each of your special days. Hugs and smooches from me, and Mr. Mick sends nose bonks and bunny kisses.
speedyrabbit said…
Well deserved she was adorable.xoxo Speedy and Mum
Natascha said…
Aww glad she got chosen & so sorry again!😓
Lisa said…
Happy gotcha day to everybun!! Some how I think they understand and forgive your missing blogging about their gotcha days.

How is the bonding going?

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