March's Drawing...Trying Something New (aka Mom never learns..)

It's giveaway day at the Lavender Rabbit jewelry warren. It's that time if somebunny doesn't want to draw one of the fennel-flavored name slips.. and then one special bun comes to the forefront to do the honors.. so here we go.. AGAIN, lol!..

I have the names all ready. Then the thought hit me, why not see if I can coax somebun else to draw? Let's start with my Smudge since he's out and about in the room.

Oh Smudgey, Smudgelove, Smudgeroo...

Hi Mom! Whatcha want? Got treatz?!.. Smudgers, would you like to do March's drawing?

Yummy fennel! Not in the mood for paper though... that Smudge knows his treats but they do not come wrapped!

Ok, thanks Smudgelove.. Charisma! How are you doing my beautiful sweetheart?

Drawing, how about drawing me some head rubs

Eeeww! Somebun else has already stuck their head in here!! You want me to pick out something after that Smudgee passed on it.. no way!

Hmmm, Otter.. Whatcha you up to buddy?

Otter sez sun feel good.. How do you feel about doing the drawing my Otterbutt?


You want me to do what with the what what? Nevermind Ott, go back to sleep..

Well, alright there goes that thought.. time to ask the name-slip drawing experts.  Dottie sweetie, Cooper Super Duper, are you up to do the drawing?

Don't bother us, can't you see we had a busy night??..  there is still some cage-tearing-up to do..

But my sweeties, my darlings.. I need a name please. Will one of you come help me?

Here I come to save the day, mighty Coop is on the way..

Out of my way, I'll pick Mom.. never fear name-pickin' Cooper is here!

Hmmm... Who shall it be?

And the winner is:  Aquariann!  Congratulations! Stop by Aquariann's blog here and visit her amazing etsy shop here and tell her congrats!

Thank you all for entering! Stay tuned for April's giveaway.. we're just worn out, here, lol!!..  :)


Jade said…
Silly Cooper, you were supposed to draw Auntie Jade's name--I mean, congratulations, Aquariann!

Looks like you're going to have to upgrade the treat-picking incentive, Donna. Those bunnehs are just too smart--they're holding out for better things. :)
speedyrabbit said…
My what a cute bunch if bunnies how many are there?
speedyrabbit said…
Thank you for following me we have joined you too!such a bunch of cute bunnies!

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