Getting Ready for the Holidays

Sorry to be so quiet my blog friends. Just a few bunny bits going on. Bunko is still having some tummy troubles. We aren't having to do daily meds anymore, but he hasn't really gained much weight. His favorite treat at the moment is papaya, and we give him a piece as often as we can. Then I noticed Ferdy Bird wasn't eating properly either. So fearing another tummy problem off to the vet we went. After all day at the vet, I finally find out the poor baby had spurs on his molars. So my freaky Ferdy is home now, hiding out in the living room probably plotting on how to eat my favorite shoes as soon as his mouth stops hurting or something. Life in a house full of bunnies is always entertaining.  

Therefore trying to take some pictures for this year's Christmas cards isn't working out today, but here are a few of the fur babies hiding from me the best they can...

Ferdy in his hiding place. You can't see him there... (wink wink)

Bella telling me in no uncertain terms I am not placing anything on her head to take more pictures

And last but never least
My sweet Bunko, ready for more rubs. Isn't he a doll?

Off to torment more bunnies. Hope all your holiday preparations are going well.


Jade said…
Usually they feel much better once the spurs are removed as they can eat without pain. My Mickey needs to have his molars ground down quarterly because they grow in at an odd angle and bother him when they get to a certain point (even though they are not irritating his mouth). First sign of spurs is often the refusal of hay. Hope Ferdy and Bunko are both feeling better soon!
The Fab Furs said…
Hoppy holidays to you and the pirate herd. Perhaps this is the year to Photoshop hats on heads previously photographed.

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