Update on the Pirate Duke

All is not quite right with our warren. The temperatures are in the 80's and 90's F, and life is returning to our nightly routine. All except my very own Pirate Duke Bunko. Bunks has had some gas issues for the last week. We went to the vet and found no blockages or twists in the digestive system. So my Bunko is on meds twice daily for four days. It's been two days and he seems better tonight. Oddly enough my little piglet that never seems to stop begging has lost weight. I am having to try to tempt him with herbs, treats and critical care. That is actually a joke, Bunko *hates* critical care. I finally bought apple juice and baby food to mix in to get him to take a few bites. Silly boy, he just needs to eat more. I never thought I'd have that problem...
This is the view I am getting most often. He seems to have a real problem with Mom checking the litter box everytime he hops out.

A view of his pirate fur patch. The eye socket has healed beautifully and you can only tell it's an empty socket if you really look.  Looks like my weekend is planned - all eyes on litter boxes. haha! Hope your weekend is excellent.


d. moll, l.ac. said…
Best healthy wishes for the pirate bun, we really hope this all resolves soon and happily. Have you seen a charming kids book called Rabbit Pirates?
BunnyMummy said…
Yikes, i feel your pain. Stu had a gurgling tummy and loss of appetite a few weeks ago. Was a scary couple of days. Trying to force feed simethicone every hour...even the tasty grape formula could not intice Stu. Lots of belly rubs....but Stu insists on being on all fours for belly rubs....I even resorted to soaking Crasins in simethicone to get it into him. Something worked. Happy to say all is well. I have no doubt Bunko will be fine in no time...he is too tough to admit he needs help, fortunatly he has a Mom who knows when to step in.
The Fab Furs said…
Really, Bunko, as the resident Pirate Duke, you need to run a tighter ship. Have your people make the tropical weather go away and replace it with tropical treats like papaya and banana. And maybe some Kaytee Healthy Bites and yogurt drops too. And oat hay, don't forget the oat hay. If you ate more, your people wouldn't have to be taking you to the vet--they could spend more time at home waiting on you hand and foot. Now hop to it and get better!!!
Lavender Rabbit said…
Wow, ya'll are awesome. I will definitely check out the healthy bites and yogurt drops - anything to get him to eat. Papaya isn't a fav, but nana gets eaten everyday.
Soaking craisins in simethicone, what a great idea. Ok, more chores this weekend:)

Rabbit pirates book? Will check it out, maybe I should read to Bunks as he recouperates?

Thanks everyone for the good wishes!
Christina said…
They tell everybody not to give alfalfa hay when the buns are grown but when I find one of my kids not eating, a handful of alfalfa hay will usually get them going. I always keep a bag on hand for that reason.

Bunko is one cute toot!

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