Wisteria Wonder

Just around the corner from our little house was a most wonderful growth of wisteria. It's gone now, but the scent still waffs in the air. I captured some pictures to post. First is the neighbor's wisteria bush to compare. Their bush is old, has been long before we bought this house several years ago.

Now image going around a corner and seeing this..
And the beauty just gets more spectacular every year. I love something to look forward to :)


WonderfulWire said…
I love Wisteria too... my all time favorite flower though is 'Lavender'... It was disappointing not to find it down South until I saw the Wisteria... it is my personal lavender substitute! So beautiful :)
d. moll, l.ac. said…
Gorgeous Wisteria, I love the stuff too!
Christina said…
Love it too. I planted some several years ago, it grew and grew but never bloomed. :(

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