Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's that time again...

Bunnies are running away everywhere from the sight of a little red hat and a camera. Trying to take Christmas pictures for this year's card and it's not as easy as I would hope. Between family stuff, tax classes and jewelry I spend all my free time possible rubbing bunnies. Unfortunately this time is mostly at night and half my warren is black. So this year will be no different then last, Christmas cards will be late and bunnies will be giving me dirty looks for the next few months. Here a coupleof the pictures so far, my Bella the sweetest loppy girl here:

And Bunky, before he totally ran off:

Such cuties! More to come...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coco, The Bravest Bunny I Know

As I start to think about what my bunny Christmas cards are going to look like this year, I start going through all the pictures I have taken. As well as thinking about the bunnies still with us and the one's whose time was up. We were incredibly fortunate this year, no one left for that multicolor bridge in the heavens. I am ever so thankful for the time I get to spend with my fur babies, especially my Coco. Coco came into our lives as a friend for Ermine. She was picked simply because I knew she was a girl (at the time I thought Ermine was a girl) and I loved the black and white coloring. Co is simply gorgeous.
That face, so expressive. She ran and ran and ran as youngsters do.
It was my hubby who bonded her to Ermine, I am still such a coward at bunny bonding.

With her rexy fur, Co is so soft and loves to rubbed. From the beginning her favorite human was my hubby, but she tolerated me as long as I rubbed when she demanded and gave plenty of treats. She would watch over me as I studied my tax classes and keep both Ermine and I in line.

She mellowed over the years, made the move to our house, took in the presence of other bunnies with grace and took long naps in the sun.
Coco never relinquished her title of Princess, all knew she was royalty. She knew when it was her out time, when dinner was to be served, and when treats were expected. Even now she will do the royal head bob and I come running. Ermine and Coco, a very cute couple.

Coco will be 8 soon, the only sign of her age is her disability.
At some point she injured her hip, and over time it begun to look like swiss cheese. She is on daily pain meds, but nothing else. Her life is spent on soft towels where she is hand fed pellets, treats, hay and water. Not because she won't eat - no no - because she deserves nothing less then personalized treatment. For two years now we have a daily routine of pampering and medicating and I wouldn't trade a minute of it. Coco has taught me how to survive being limited without giving up any strength or attitude. And although my hubby is still her favorite, I am treated to kisses for a job well done. I adore my princess, the bravest bunny I know.