My Seal, Sweet Seal, Cute Seal

It isn't often I get cute pictures of Seal, she has a weepy eye, sludge problems and major bunny attitude. She is one cool diva, and her personality even scares the vet techs! I adore her of course. I think she has the most perfectly shaped bunny face and I keep trying to get just the right picture. One day I will, but for now these will have to do. I bought the bunz a new cardboard castle from This is Seal and her brother Otter enjoying themselves doing what bunnies do best - sleep...

Gotta love those ears!

Otter, showing off this ample if somewhat shedding dewlap. Seal took the top, so he had to spread out on the bottom.

Take a hint from the buns, do what you love best today!


ha ha those cardboard loving bunnies, it takes very little to please doesn't it....ours adore their cardboard houses as well...but they never last too long! they chew the sides till theres no more structural integrity than they wonder why they fall through when they hop on top, ha ha...luckily our grocery store is a ready supply. Right now I can barely walk around the bedroom for all of Roo and Ella's boxes!

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