In Memory, Mr Mister Marten

It was just over a year ago my Marten left for the rainbow bridge. He was a beautiful boy, his picture drew me across the internet into the Richardson Animal Shelter, just to say hello. When the volunteer asked me which one I wanted, I said all three. So my Marten, Seal and Otter came home. They were so precious!

Soon it was time to get them fixed, but the boys begun fighting immediately. So I let Seal pick and she chose Otter; leaving Marten alone.

I was the big scary lady to Marten, he preferred my hubby, but I knew he wanted a bunny friend so off to find his Charisma we went.

Gorgeous arent' they? Marten was strong, he was brave, and he was in charge. He warmed up to me thanks to my love bug Charisma and I got quite attached to him. Marten loved his ears rubbed at the base, and would let me do it for as long as I wanted. Marten was never sick until one fatal day last year, he got gas then bloat. Bloat is a terrible thing, it can kill a bunny within 24 hours. The rest, I guess, is history now.

Marten 2003 - 2007

We will always love you big guy, run free and happy in the big meadow in the sky... Til we meet again.


WonderfulWire said…
He really is beautiful... what a heartwarming story and I'm glad you have the memories... thank you for sharing him with us...
Be Well in the skys sweet sweet Mister Marten...If you meet any of my babies; Beanie, Hobbs, Thodan, Gimmley,Noodle...your in good company.

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