Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weathering the Storm

Mother Nature has an odd sense of style some days. After a mild winter, the spring storms came with a passion. Yesterday they came with a fierce passion for tornadoes. The news said we had about 6-12 touch down in the metroplex. The bunnies and us are fine, our house received no damage. The closest touch down for me was at work, about 5 miles away at the airport. My department plus some were all in the hallway down in the basement waiting for an "all clear". I'm feeling very, very lucky today.  There is some amazing video out there, but I think the semi's flying through the air is the most stunning. One of the semi's landed on someone's home, luckily the couple had left for work and weren't there. To date there have been no deaths reported, only some injuries. I hope it stays that way.

Today also brings another incredible factor, it's hubby and I's eleventh anniversary. I'm feeling like the luckiest woman in world.. maybe I should buy a lottery ticket :)

Seal and Otter say the rain can stay away for a while, unless it brings treats.

The giveaway for April will be up this weekend. The piece has been decided and is awaiting the photo shot. Stay tuned... Have a great week everyone!