Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Smudgers... Mmm Mmm Good

I just love this picture, my sweet Smudge charging the camera to see if he can eat it. Let's end this year with the story of a very adorable bunny boy...

Timewarp back to November 22, 2008

Hubby and I decided Charisma was lonely. It had been a while since we lost our Marten and Charisma was all alone. I took her to the closest rabbit rescue, the North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary where she meet several eligible bachelors while I sat on a couch rubbing on a very demanding bunny boy who looked just like my lost Marten. Charisma wasn't having such a great time though, either the boys ignored her or wanted to box her. Finally the lady in charge, Barb, said "Well, let's try Smudge".  At the tone in her voice I looked around at the faces in the room. They were all like 'Really'?? Things got more interesting when there was a bit of a debate who would actually go get this Smudge bunny.

Smudge's adoption photo off BunSpace and Petfinder

It turns out Smudge doesn't like to be picked up. He whimpers whenever you do. I mean, he really whimpers when you pick him up. Plus even then he was a big boy. So in the xpen they placed Smudge and went on chatting. As I glanced at Smudge with Charisma, Smudge did a little binky (happy hop). I think I completely lost my heart at that very instant. He did several more little binkies and needless to say he came home with us that day.

Smudge made himself right at home!

As you probably know, I never did bond Smudge and Charisma. There are days I still consider trying again. Smudgie is my puppy dog bunny, he follows me around and stays constantly underfoot. He always loved to be rubbed, but would flinch on about every other rub. Now he puddles for me and rarely flinches, but he still hates to be picked up :)

..Sorry to be so late posting your gotcha day Smudgie. Can I stop trying to make it up to you with extra treats??..
It's not just his food dish, it doubles as a head rest too...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Pictures

Hello again! So sorry to be so quiet, this December has been a bit more then I expected. I can't believe it's been a year since I lost my Bunko and my Dad, so I made a decision to give myself the Christmas gift of no giveaway this month. I love doing them, so we will have two prizes in January - a good start to the new year yes? Plus I owe Smudge a big apology, and will pay that promise soon... But first, lets deck the halls with some bunny pictures :)

Bella Bunny Girl

Ay Caramba Charisma

Coca Cocomo

Cooper Super Duper

My Dottie Girl

Ermine Squirmin Vermin

Ferdy Birdy

Graysie Stinkerbelle

Otter Otter Otter

My Seal Sweet Seal Cute Seal

Last, but never least My Smudge Love

Hope you enjoy my quirky cast of characters.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings and Much Love to all.