Monday, March 29, 2010

Visiting the Rabbit Rescue

A couple of weekends ago we went to visit the House Rabbit Resource Network in Austin, TX. They are moving to a new location, and had their grand opening last weekend. When we were there they were still busily cleaning and tiling and moving boxes around. It was a wonderful space, and I can't wait to see it finished. I was lucky enough to be contacted by one of the volunteers there asking if I would be willing to let them resale some of our jewelry pieces. Of course I said yes, anything for the bunnies. So we brought them extra bits for the grand opening when we visited. There were so many cute bunnies needing homes, I had to say hello and offer rubs to each one. Had to you understand, just had to. (LOL!) I feel in love with a darling little suede brown bunny boy who had just come into the rescue. His name wasn't on the door, so I nicknamed him Suede. Original right? Hubby kept calling me away to look at other bunnies. He feel in love with a gorgeous black and white boy named Cooper.

Meet Cooper. This picture does no justice for his beautiful fur or friendly personality.

Hubby hasn't stopped talking about his Cooper. Or Coop as we already call him. Well, we won't be going back to Austin until the end of May. You know how the story goes, if Coop is still there... he won't be for long :)

If you're in the Austin area, stop by the HRRN - Call to get directions to the new shelter, trust me - you'll want the directions. The volunteers there are awesome, and you can always check out the super cool jewelry in the boutique ;)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Visitor

Why don't we let the rabbits run outside?.. he's a VERY good reason.. young redtail hawk. The mom is huge. She has a 5 ft wingspan. Think she could swoop down and take my husband Ed off with her if she wanted to. Of course, the lovable wag would be talking all the way over the horizon, lol!.. I love him to death but the hawk would drop him when he got to the subject of the difference between FM and AM.. or all of the known info on whales.. anyway, I digress. We love our backyard menagerie, and the raptors are a big part of it. They are so beautiful.. soaring, gorgeous reminders of the reality of life. Like finding a hawk right outside your back door. Oh, here comes my Ed.. he's already talking.. love it.