Sunday, May 31, 2009

The new face of Lavender Rabbit

Bella Bunny Girl

You put that thing on my head!

This weekend my beautiful black loppy girl Bella got a taste of my weird creativity. After having Coco and Ermine as the avatar for etsy - Coco is still on the banner - I decided I needed jewelry and a bunny. Bella came into the room, and nose bonked me... Hmmm... I had a whole ten seconds to get the first shot before she knocked the bracelet off her head :) Bella is already demanding payment in carrots and treats, but I think she's perfect. What do you think?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Ay Karamba Kar – eez – ma!

I am skipping around a bit with the intros of the buns. This weekend while I was cleaning the bunnies’ room, my Charisma completely charmed me with her exuberance. Let me tell you some of her story.

The trio I adopted from the Richardson Animal Shelter was growing up and beginning to break up. Seal and Otter had formed a pair, leaving my Marten out. Off to Wild Rescue Marten and I went. While my brave little boy waited for us on a couch, I toured the facility with the owner. She picked out two bunnies to try with Marten. There was a beautiful multi-brown girl named Darling and an adorable white bunny girl whose name I don't remember. I do remember that the little white bunny was stuck in the bathroom to be introduced second. Darling was hyper, she didn’t like me holding her at all! – but the moment I placed her on the couch with Marten they snuggled. A shared piece of kale and it was a done deal. From that moment forward they were inseparable. Darling didn’t like me singing to her “You don’t have to call me darlin’, darlin’..” So being a huge Buffy fan, we picked Charisma after Charisma Carpenter. The name fit her perfectly and still does!

Life was good for many years, Marten was the alpha bunny and he kept Charisma, the Wild Child, in line. They were totally bonded. Then June 2008 my Marten got bloat, and passed away, leaving Charisma behind. She knew he was sick, but when he didn’t come back from the vet she went into a depression. So did I. My beautiful, vivacious, loving bunny girl was quiet and solitary. Charisma and I spent many hours quietly consoling each other. I would rub on her, and she would stretch out and just look at me. By November last year I thought maybe she would like a new friend, so we went to the North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary to bring home Smudge, the sweetest-ever Californian boy. Charisma hasn’t made up her mind yet, she tolerates Smudge, but has yet to bond with him. I suspect she still misses Marten, he was one of a kind, and there is still a giant hole in our warren. It’s all ok either way; Smudge appears to have eyes for our Graysie, a beautiful gray Lionhead.

Recently good things are taking place. Charisma seems to want to be out more and searching for company. She rattles gates, binkies (happy hopping) all over the room, runs to us for rubs, and destroys all toys and newspaper in her path. My baby girl is coming around again. We will try letting her out with the Fun Bunch, the roaming-free-about-the-house den crowd. I'll let you know how it goes...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How it all begin or Meet Ermine

Everyone needs someone to love. I always thought rabbits were quiet, sweet, docile creatures. So why not have one as a pet? At the feed store this one adorable little white ball of fur followed me around with these gorgeous red eyes. The cute tiny bunny went to every corner of the glass enclosure to find where I was and watch me. Little did I know it was the beginning of bunny mind control. A quick call to my hubby, and bunny was coming home with me. I was told the bunny was a girl, and around 6 months old. Funny as it was totally wrong. We almost named 'her' Ruby, but hubby knew a woman name Ermine - nickname Squirmin' Vermin and it seemed perfect. I loved Pigmidgen, so that was tacked on as well. Later we added Grumpy and Fussbucket for obvious reasons. Ermine won our hearts with these adorable dances in the air, nose bonks and climbing all over us. Ermine also loved getting under things, but suddenly the mouse on the computer didn't work anymore. Nor the keyboard. Bunnies like to chew, especially electrical cords. I never knew there was so much shiny copper in the wires behind the TV. Another interesting fact, fabric chairs keep soot from candles on the underside. My beautiful white bunny would come out from under the chair with a big gray streak across his back. Bunnies Do Not like baths either, let me tell you - or rather let Ermine tell you. I heard grunts, growls, squeaks, and hums. Ermine will also box his opinion to you. All of this was only the beginning of my education, it wasn't until Coco came home I learned my baby girl bunny Ermine was truly a boy...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Well, Hello World

Hi! Welcome to my new blog. My goal is chat about things that interest me, my house rabbits, jewelry, bird watching, and stray bits that catch my attention. I will first work on introducing my furry cast of characters, the rabbits that rule my heart. I will start with my Ermine, he was the first one on the scene and deserves the right. After that who knows? I intend to also share some inspiration, items that inspire me either creatively or just personally because these are the bits I love to read in other’s blogs. I have big plans for this adventure, and I look forward to seeing what the future of this new outlet brings. Nose bonks from the bunnies!